Beach Walk #11 – My Story

So Noah asked that I put the title first so we can search them and no longer title my blogs as Beach Walk with the number. Has he met me? I count everything.  So today was beach walk # 11 for those of you who know me and know I am keeping count, but for Noah the title is My Story.

Like all businesses, at some point a website is created and bios are written and today I wrote mine.  It was really hard, honestly I have put off doing it for months. How do I want to tell my story? What is important to me about me? What do I think others would find useful to know? What experiences may speak to some?  How much detail should I give?

I began to look at bios online, not because I’m creepy but for inspiration. As I noticed the bios I found interesting, meaning the bios where I read the whole bio were the ones that had the “why” included.  I could care less where you went to school, but it is interesting to me why you chose that school which is a question I have asked many over the last 3 years while my children have been going through the college decision process.  It is more interesting to me why people leave a particular job than how they got the job in the first place. Why they live where they live is more interesting than where they live to me.

So I went to Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA because I didn’t get into the University of Virginia (my dad had gone to the Darden school and I was awed).  It ended up being a great fit for me so I stayed. I left Goldman Sachs because after 4 months of paid maternity leave and no perspective other than hiring a nanny and going back to 60 hour work weeks I realized I wanted to see my daughter’s smiles not pay someone else to.  I live in Coral Gables, FL because our 16 year old daughter Elise suggested it. We can walk to see our niece and nephew and walk to work. After commuting on the DC beltway for the last 3 years I try to go in the car as little as possible, so this works well for me.

Yes, I wrote my bio.  It’s on the bio page.