The Clements Firm pllc – we are an estate planning and financial coaching practice based in Coral Gables, Florida, where the focus on charting a course for families involves more than money.

We believe that connection and relationship require a practice of talking to each other and of spending time together on a regular basis. Our recent move to Miami driven by life changing family events has created space for us to bring our skills together and open a practice focused on educating families on what happens when someone dies and helping them to put their affairs in order and set up protocols for those who will step in and handle those affairs.

Together, we help families navigate those difficult conversations about what will happen when someone passes away. Our primary goals are to educate your family on your options, and furthermore determine what option is the best for you. We have spent the last few years dealing with these questions in our own family, which has allowed us to be uniquely experienced and better equipped to walk other families through the process.

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