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DC’s Office of Police Complaints Publishes New Recommendations for On-Body Cameras to be Worn by Police

The District of Columbia Office of Police Complaints just published new policy recommendations that would have police officers wear on-body cameras. You can find the policy recommendations here. As the Office of Police Complaints recommendations state, there was a study of the effects of the use of these cameras in Rialto, California. This study found that “the devices appeared to cut down on the number of incidents involving the use of force while also reducing the number of complaints filed against officers. Specifically, the Rialto study showed that the devices brought down the rate at which police force was used during interactions with citizens.”

This would seem to be a very positive development. I am curious about the civil-liberties groups that the policy recommendations document refer to that oppose this measure – one would think one of the most important civil liberties to be concerned about is the freedom from being beaten by the police and then being falsely charged with Assaulting a Police Officer (APO).


Welcome New Of Counsel – John W. Karr

I have long been lucky to know John Karr, a great friend and a legendary DC trial lawyer. And now I will have the pleasure of working on some cases with him as well. John’s firm is Karr and Allison and you can find out more about him here.

Recent Lack of Postings. . .

Not that anyone is feeling a lack :-)

To those 1 or 2 of you who may actually read this blog, I apologize for not posting for so long. I was recently appointed to the CJA Panel to take court-appointed criminal misdemeanors in DC Superior Court. At the same time, I was appointed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals CJA Panel for criminal appeals as well.  I am trying to come to grips with how little I actually know. I am learning as fast as I can, though. I have been drinking from the fire hose, that’s for sure. I hope to post more as I learn more.

DOJ Hotline for Civil Rights Concerns About Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Via the crImmigration blog:

The U.S. Department of Justice posted the following message on its Facebook page last week:”To report potential civil rights concerns related to the impact of Alabama’s immigration law H.B. 56, please contact 1-855-353-1010 or [email protected]

11th Circuit Rejects Silva-Trevino Framework for Looking Beyond Record of Conviction in Immigration Cases

Today, the Eleventh Circuit became the latest US Court of Appeals to reject the new Silva-Trevino method for determining whether a crime involves moral turpitude (CIMT).  Silva-Trevino was former Attorney-General Mukasey’s parting shot at immigrants, and it was a doozy.  In Silva-Trevino, AG Mukasey made huge changes to the analysis used to determine whether a particular conviction constitutes a crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT) under the guise of  creating a national standard to resolve what he perceived as an ambiguous statute.  In Sanchez Fajardo, the 11th Circuit held that ex-AG Mukasey’s decision was not entitled to Chevron deference because there was no ambiguity. Continue reading

Immigration Court Asylum Victory!

Today in Baltimore Immigration Court, I was lucky to be able to help a client from Eritrea get asylum.  My client had been subjected to almost six months incommunicado detention where she was raped and beaten after speaking out against the government at a work meeting.  Like many Eritrean women, she had also been subjected to female genital mutilation (cutting/circumcision) that continues to cause her much pain.  She was granted asylum on two grounds: membership in the particular social group of Tegrigna women opposed to FGM, and on account of imputed political opinion.  I am very grateful to have been a part of helping this client get asylum protection from removal.

Counter to Claims of Border Failure, Studies Show Drastic Reduction in Mexican Immigration

In another example of reality undercutting the hysterical claims by anti-immigration proponents that border failures and a flood of new illegal immigrants require discriminatory state laws to “fill in the gap,”  the Immigration Policy Center reports that immigration from Mexico (the largest source of immigration) has decreased by 60% since 2006!  But this does not mean that the Administration’s “enforcement-only” approach is working.   Continue reading

9th Circuit Reiterates that BIA’s 30-Day Appeals Deadline is Non-Jurisdictional

Please, no one take this as an excuse to blow off the Board of Immigration Appeals deadlines, but the 9th Circuit recently restated its holding that the BIA’s appeals deadline is not jurisdictional, overturning (in that circuit) the BIA’s attempted overruling of circuit precedent.  In a decision found here, the 9th Circuit called the 30-day deadline a “claim-processing rule” rather than a limit on jurisdiction.

Continue reading

eBay to buy GSI Commerce, move into Amazon’s fulfillment turf

eBay today announced that it was purchasing GSI Commerce, an online marketing services company, for $2.4 Billion, a 50% premium over the current share price.  According to CNN Money: “GSI’s core business is providing e-commerce infrastructure — e-store technology, payment processing, fulfillment, marketing and customer service — for retailers. Its client roster includes major brands such as RadioShack, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Toys ‘R’ Us and Zales.”

Except for the fulfillment and customer service functions, eBay and its PayPal affilliate already have the capabilities that would be offered by GSI Commerce.  As the New York Times explains, Continue reading

Noah Clements Honored with Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award

On January 27, Noah Clements was honored with the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award for the out-of-state division.  Many thanks to Sidley Austin for the opportunities.