The Barefoot Lawyer Breaks Down

There are bigger issues in the world than whether a family can keep and share their summer home together. But having a place to nurture and develop family ties and increase love is important too. I believe that hurt people hurt people. The answer is always more love. And family summer homes are a place to nurture that love.

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  1. Hi Noah–

    I received word of your post via LinkedIn and was very happy about it. I also have to say that your video both touched and moved me very much. And I could not have agreed more with the sentiments you expressed. I hope you and your family are enjoying a glorious New England summer. Truth be told, I am more than a little jealous (though I do not begrudge you one moment of joy). My time will come soon enough. What am I saying? My time is virtually here–this retirement gig is great. But, when Anne-Marie has finished in Super Court, I expect we too shall. be heading northward. Homeward bound. Until then or whenever, stay safe. All the best, Craig

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