Just keep swimming

Last week was a tough week; everyone has them.  Sunday I flew to Maryland, had a fabulous breakfast with an amazing friend, and prepared to step in and help another friend as she underwent cancer surgery.  I knew the hospital stay would be tough and I was ready, I’d meditated, gotten enough sleep and done what needed to be done at home and work to be away for a week.  I’d also reached out to my swim partner and knew I’d get some laps in.

But the week was harder than I planned for.  The surgery was more complex than expected, requiring a longer stay in the hospital.  A dear friend’s mother died Monday; I found out Tuesday the break to my father’s foot was more complex than expected; and on Friday my 98-year-old Grandmother who I was named for passed away.  It was one of those weeks where my emotions were on the surface at all times. My emotions made themselves known as I could not stop crying while standing in church on Sunday and I refused to leave the house for the rest of the day. Noah spent Sunday with family at a Cinco de Mayo party and I stayed home. My emotions were raw and I needed time to refuel.  It was the right and perfect thing for me to do, to get quiet and reset. I went for a run with Elise and spent the rest of the day in silence.

That’s all well and good, but what about Monday morning?  After a week away, it was time to get back to work. Thankfully, Noah and I have now been time blocking for 7 months and we have set up a schedule. I was able to slip into the schedule and move through the actions physically until my emotions caught up with me and I felt more like myself.  

Mondays are for taking care of business (TCB).  We start the day with a walk on the beach. These beach walks began as a time for us to talk about how we wanted to set up the administrative parts of the business.  Honestly, I was much more willing to listen to Noah’s ideas if I was walking on the beach. We were new at working together and I was not sure how all of this togetherness was going to go.  The Monday beach walks have evolved into deeper discussions about the work we are doing and how the death of his mother and brother have completely changed our lives. It has become clearer and clearer every week that for some reason we are in a unique position to help others navigate this legal process that no one likes to think about.  

Illness and death are part of everyone’s lives, as I was reminded of this week.  I was also very aware this last week that families and friends were coming together. I talked to my parents more this last week than I usually do, spoke to my siblings and extended family.  Spent time with friends and shared memories as well as delicious food.

So I am going to just keep swimming.  These newsletters are scheduled for Tuesday but this week it’s Friday.  We met with clients, Noah drafted documents while I balanced the books, we had coffee with new people and even got in some training.  It was a good work week. My heart is still sore and it will be for awhile, but I am going to keep swimming and I hope you will too.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, and thank you for your strong and loving support of so many, especially Denise. Happy Mother’s Day! Tom O

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