Beach walk #7 – Connect

Beach Walk 7 #Connect

#Connect ….

Mondays are business development days for The Clements Firm pllc and as Noah mentioned in his last blog we are having these staff meetings as walks on the beach.  One of the many pleasures of having moved to south Florida is the access to the beach , and walking on the beach offers us an unbelievable space to talk and share ideas.  It is amazing how much more interested I am in listening to Noah’s thoughts; if you can believe it I even interrupt less, I let him share his whole idea without feeling the need to paraphrase for him before he has finished talking, amazing. 

This week was walk and talk #7, and the topic of the meeting was “how to get our first 5 clients”.  Our business coach and multiple marketing experts all had the same suggestion, connect with people.  To do this you need to have contact with them on a regular consistent basis. How amazing is it that here Noah and I are with concrete experience that after only 7 walk and talks on the beach we are experiencing connection with one another in a whole new way  – we are sharing ideas, expressing gratitude and nurturing a positive outlook for our work and our lives.  #Connect