Latest Search Term Used to Find This Site: “not guilty no fingerprints on gun”

My wordpress sitestats application tells me that yesterday, the top search terms used to find this site were “not guilty no fingerprints on gun”.  If you are searching for those terms, you (or someone close to you) are probably in a world of trouble.  And unfortunately, I have bad news for you: a jury can still find someone guilty even if there were no fingerprints on the gun.  A verdict will depend on all the evidence in the case, not just whether there were fingerprints.

While I do handle criminal cases in DC and Maryland, I honestly don’t know how the person or people who searched for “not guilty no fingerprints on gun” found this site – it’s way down the list on Google and Bing (I don’t think this site was listed in the first 25 pages in either).  Curious, I did the search myself – I found a LOT of Casey Anthony articles and this cool motion to suppress an eyewitness identification submitted by the DC Public Defender Service.  Anyway, if you are here because you do need a criminal defense lawyer in DC or Maryland, let me know if I can help.