Washington DC Criminal Defense and DUI Defense

Call 6The Clements Firm is in the business of finding real solutions for clients like you, ordinary people caught in difficult situations.  No one wants a criminal defense attorney. That said, when you need help, The Clements Firm is here. We listen.                                                                    Justice 3

  • The Clements Firm believes everyone deserves an aggressive and creative defense —  for us, there’s no such thing as a helpless situation
  • We take complex, confusing situations and transform them with smart legal strategy and cutting-edge defense tactics
  • No one is pressured to plead
  • No one fights alone
  • We’re in court everyday making someone’s bad day better.

We believe a defense attorney’s primary role is nothing less than to  support and defend you against the might and power of the US Government.  You deserve to benefit from our hard-fought experience & strategic insight into how it works.

We match corporate white-glove experience with a fighter’s drive to win.

 Professional.  Compassionate. On your side.

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