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DOJ Hotline for Civil Rights Concerns About Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Via the crImmigration blog:

The U.S. Department of Justice posted the following message on its Facebook page last week:”To report potential civil rights concerns related to the impact of Alabama’s immigration law H.B. 56, please contact 1-855-353-1010 or [email protected]

Counter to Claims of Border Failure, Studies Show Drastic Reduction in Mexican Immigration

In another example of reality undercutting the hysterical claims by anti-immigration proponents that border failures and a flood of new illegal immigrants require discriminatory state laws to “fill in the gap,”  the Immigration Policy Center reports that immigration from Mexico (the largest source of immigration) has decreased by 60% since 2006!  But this does not mean that the Administration’s “enforcement-only” approach is working.   Continue reading