Recent Lack of Postings. . .

Not that anyone is feeling a lack :-)

To those 1 or 2 of you who may actually read this blog, I apologize for not posting for so long. I was recently appointed to the CJA Panel to take court-appointed criminal misdemeanors in DC Superior Court. At the same time, I was appointed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals CJA Panel for criminal appeals as well.  I am trying to come to grips with how little I actually know. I am learning as fast as I can, though. I have been drinking from the fire hose, that’s for sure. I hope to post more as I learn more.

2 Responses to Recent Lack of Postings. . .

  1. Do you have the criminal practice manual? I heard it’s vital. Please give me some advice as i am waiting on my bar results before trying to get on the cja roll. Thanks 7 hopefully I will repay your help!

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