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“The best answer, when dealing with the cops, is to just say no.”

Live For Live Music – a website that reports on many live music happenings and issues – has a great interview with the “Festival Lawyer”, Cameron Bowman. Bowman talks about how festival-goers can protect their rights, but his advice is pretty much applicable to everyone. 

L4LM: It sounds like the best answer, when dealing with the cops, is to just say no.

CB: (Chuckles) Yeah. I always tell people in interactions with police officers is be pleasant, be polite, don’t run away or do anything stupid. But always keep in the back of your mind that your position is “I don’t agree to be searched. I’d like to leave if I can. Am I being detained?” Don’t make a statement. Basically there’s nothing you can do at that point if you’re under investigation that can help you. All you can do is hurt yourself and make it easier for the police officers.

Our Week At The Shore – A Song For C

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Plus Ça Change . . .

It is often truly said that many of our best lawyers . . . are withdrawing from court practice because the nature of the litigation is changing. To such an extent is this change taking place in some localities that the more important commercial cases rarely reach a court decision. Our merchants prefer to compromise their difficulties, or to write off their losses, rather than enter into litigations that must remain dormant in the courts for upward of three years awaiting their turn for a hearing on the overcrowded court calendars.

. . . .

When the public realizes that a good trial lawyer is the outcome, one might say of generations of witnesses, when clients fully appreciate the dangers they run in intrusting their litigations to so-called “office lawyers” with little or no experience in court, they will insist upon their briefs being intrusted to those who make a specialty of court practice. . . .

- Francis Wellman, The Art of Cross-Examination 1904.