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Enjoy the Game

Photo by from Pexels

I’m very lucky in that I get to learn so much from Caroline on our walks. Because Caroline has been on the road for the last week, however, we haven’t had our Beach Walk for a while. 🙁 

Strangely, I had a dream while she was traveling that sort of gave me a Caroline-type-message anyway. Like the dream world looking out for me while she was gone.  Anyway, in this dream, I was in a Miami Beach rec center (reminded me of Flamingo park around 40 years ago) and no one was playing. Everyone was sitting around doing nothing. So I asked this old woman with white hair if she wanted to play foosball. Somehow, I knew she was really good. 

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Not letting fear hold us back

Key Biscayne Lighthouse

One of the best things about starting this estate planning practice with my wife Caroline in Miami is that we decided to have our staff meetings at the beach before going into the office. It takes away much of the stress.

This morning, as we were talking about my endless list of things we need to do, Caroline said something that just hit me in the gut: “Sometimes we disguise our fear as overwhelm and indecision. As we act, the fear goes away. We can just start where we are and adjust as we go.” Ouch! 

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Our Week At The Shore – A Song For C

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Noah Clements Honored with Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award

On January 27, Noah Clements was honored with the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award for the out-of-state division.  Many thanks to Sidley Austin for the opportunities.